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Hello! I am a wardrobe editor and style strategist based in Kansas City, Missouri. If you have a desire to edit your closet, curate an ideal style, and define your signature uniform, I would love to assist you! I have been in the fashion industry for over 17 years, I have a degree in Fashion Merchandising, and many years of experience in retail. I became disenfranchised with the corporate fashion industry in my early 20's, and determined to see more of the world and in that cheesy 90's movie way, I set off to 'find myself.' I ended up in Europe, studying art and the history of fashion, a rich experience that changed my outlook forever. After returning to Kansas City, I invested 7 years as the co-owner and buyer for Birdies, a locally owned intimates boutique. In partnership with this endeavor, I participated for many years as a producer of the West 18th Street Fashion Show, a popular local event.

The simple beauties bring me joy, botany, a shared meal, a handwritten letter. My style has been important to my pursuit of a well considered and meaningful life. When I turned 30, what to wear and why to wear it became such a challenge! My body had changed, and my tastes along with it. I had also gained an awareness of the cost of "fast" fashion. I was an independent business owner, and I did not have the budget to be socially responsible, while remaining current in the fashion industry. I began to feel an intense dislike for my closet. I began to learn to dress for myself and not for others. I wanted to purchase garments that were locally made, that were environmentally and socially ethical. The feeling of trying to keep up with the global fashion industry, and my peers was very defeating. That is why I began to focus on quality over quantity, choosing to buy one or two important pieces per season, and filling in the blanks with slower fashion, buy sell trade, and thrift. I would love to help you remain within your budget, and really enjoy your closet.

Being engaged with the fashion industry for many years has given me an excellent perspective. I created WEARESINCERELYYOURS to help you curate your wardrobe, in order to communicate what a remarkable person you are, while remaining within your budget. I would like to help you find unique and exciting pieces, and to help you dress in such a way that makes you proud, and confident when you step out into the world. I encourage you to benefit from a well edited and organized closet. Let's engage in style, the art of being prepared for a genuine life, illuminating the person, not the garment. Let's discard the trends and choose you.