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One size does not fit all, so if your purchase needs altering, we can take measurements and edit the piece accordingly.

Additionally, after cleaning out your closet, there may be an item or several that need some attention. Missing a button? need a favorite pair of jeans patched? have some pants that you always wanted to have hemmed, or dress that just needs a little tuck here or there?

Bring them in! 

Quick tip, bring the shoes you plan to wear with those pants for the best hem length, or the bra that you are planning to wear with that dress for the best fit.


Email us at: wearesincerelyyours@gmail.com


We all have different goals for our look, different reasons for wanting to edit or add to our wardrobes. The catalyst might be a big change in life, career, or just a desire to streamline, but no matter what our goal is to give you focused attention and be sensitive to your needs. Let's remove pieces that are cluttering your life and closet, items that don't fit well, pieces that are not a part of the story you are telling. We can work together to simplify and decide what's missing. 

Let's get you sorted! 

Email us at: wearesincerelyyours@gmail.com



It is our pleasure to shop specifically for you. What are you looking for? Are there particular shapes, colors or styles that you would like us to find for you? Shopping for secondhand takes time, and you may not have that in spades, let us source items just for you. 

Let's chat!

Email us at: wearesincerelyyours@gmail.com