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Good Things

danielle meister


We were looking for a line of contemporary pieces at a gift price point, and came across a very exciting line to share here at Sincerely. Just little bit about them.

Good Things is a NY-Based manufacturer of everyday objects. Since its launch in 2014, the company has quickly gained international attention for creating well-considered objects that can be enjoyed by everyone. 

Their mission is to offer useful tools that are more thoughtful, better looking and longer-lasting than the existing counterparts. Achieving this goal starts with their designers. They collaborate with the best and brightest design studios from around the world to bring the products to life. Each designer that that they choose to work with shares a love of material and manufacturing while bringing to the collection their own unique perspective and personality. 

Good Thing’s products can be found at hundreds of retailers internationally, including MoMA, Le Bon Marche, and ITO-YA. Their unique approach has garnered praise from such publications as Dwell Magazine, Wallpaper Magazine and the New York Times. 


Tinyloud Ceramics

danielle meister

We are excited to welcome Tinyloud Ceramics to the Sincerely shelves! These pieces are such small delights, they caught my eye on Instagram and I instantly reached out to Megan Burke, to find out if we could stock her in the shop. She was thrilled, and expressed a love for Kansas City having lived here for awhile herself. We chose first the Tiny Eyelash Planters, the Tiny Palm Up Ring Dishes, and one of her regal Tiny Queens. 

Megan Burke makes her home in Minneapolis, where she began Tinyloud only last year, and in addition to her ceramics, offers branding and web design services. Her pieces are made from a low fire clay body and built by hand in her home studio. 

When she is not making these beautiful pieces, or working with a design client, she is catching up on her reading and her snuggles with her puppy, Vinny. Find her at Tinyloud.co and shop her products at Sincerely online, or in the store.



Sweet Destructor for Sincerely

danielle meister

I have been so honored to collaborate with Sweet Destructor, a ceramist here in Kansas City. Her hand thrown bells are hanging on the walls at Sincerely, filling the space with joy. The cups and saucers are glazed with an all seeing eye on one side, and an eyelash on the other, a design that is exclusive to We Are Sincerely Yours. Working with Sweet Destructor has been a delight, from our first brainstorm to the fruition of these beautiful pieces that are now in the store and on the online shop. If you need me, I will be over here, sipping tea out of my very own cup from Sweet Destructor. 

The Beloved Souls Altar Building Workshop

danielle meister

 This week I had the unique pleasure of attending an experience that was called, The Beloved Souls Altar Building Workshop. When I saw the invitation for the event, I felt suddenly and inexplicably drawn to it. I marked "going" right away, with very little thought. It seemed to to be a happening that I had been waiting for, and it is unlike me to feel so oddly compelled to attend. Fast forward to the day of, finishing my responsibilities barely in time and kicking myself for committing to go to an event that evening. Too busy, too tired, too occupied, you know the story.

I arrived a few minutes late, wondering what on earth I was doing there. Some religious ceremonies evoke in me a feeling of less connectivity, not more, and suddenly I wondered if this would be no exception. I entered the room as the facilitator, Laura Frank of Inner Space Yoga was cleansing the room with incense. I joined about 15 people, in a tight circle on the floor. I was able to relax as Laura, calmly and with good humor led us through the process of building an altar. As directed, we obediently tore flowers off their stems and arranged them in groups by color on a rug in the middle of the circle. All the while she led us through an explanation of the ritual we were participating in. As we arranged the flowers, Laura spoke to us about the practice of honoring six directions, and I will share them here to the best of my memory. 

The Six Directions


The color of which is red.

The Element of which is Air.

The Totem being, Birds of Prey.

The Strength of the East: Sight.

Stage of Life: Infancy.

The Altar Element: Incense / or a feather.

The Prayer of the East: When we orient to the East we watch the smoke rise or listen to the wind. We meditate on new beginnings and the birth of new ideas, new projects, and the early stages of life. We pray for any healing we might need from our childhoods. We pray for clear vision and openness. 


The color of which is yellow. 

The Element of which is Fire.

The Totem being, pack animals. 

The Strength of the East: Passion, Willpower, Family.

Stage of Life: Adolescence. 

The Altar Element: Candle.

The Prayer of the South: When we orient to the South we gaze at the flame and meditate on our adolescence and pray for healing from that time. We pray for health, strength and peace for our families. We pray to bring the passion of our youth into our current life. 


The color of which is black, purple or blue. 

The Element of which is Water.

The Totem being, the black bear or water dwelling animals.

The Strength of the West: Healing. learning, teaching.

Stage of Life: Adulthood. 

The Altar Element: Water.

The Prayer of the West: When we orient to the West we slowly drink a glass of water and meditate on the qualities of water. It moves around the rock. It moves to stay clean and pure. We think about our current stage of life. Healing, learning teaching. Trying to understand the flow of life and the necessity of difficulty and the joy of triumph. 


The color of which is white. 

The Element of which is Earth.

The Totem being, the white buffalo or the dove. 

The Strength of the East: Peace, wisdom, and abundance.

Stage of Life: Elderhood. 

The Altar Element: Crystal.

The Prayer of the North: When we orient to the North we connect with the crystal. We meditate on this final stage of life, elderhood. We pray for peace, abundance, and wisdom. We are thankful for all the teachers and elders in our lives. 

Cosmos, Sky, Heavens: When we orient to the Sky we pray for our loved ones who have passed. We contemplate the configuration of the stars and the planets that day. We pray to have patient and generous hearts.

Earth: When we orient to the Earth we express our gratitude for all earthly things, plants, water, the land, animals, food, humans. We remember to go through our day, saying thank you for all the little gifts and forgiving others when necessary. 


The Beloved Altar Building Workshop was inclusive, enlightening, uplifting and surrounding. I left with a restful awareness of six directions which can be universally honored, and an invitation to allow myself a moment to reflect on the tangible and intangible things in life that are of value to us all. I am grateful to for what I learned, and I hope to make it a part of my own personal practice.


The True Cost / a Documentary

danielle meister

In 2015 a film called The True Cost was released. A dear friend of mine recommended that I watch it, as I was in the fashion industry. I remember it was available on Netflix, easily at my fingertips. For some reason, I put off watching it. I found many excuses to watch useless shows and re-watch movies with no substance, resisting as I do, what I knew was to be information I would not enjoy knowing. Eventually though, I watched The True Cost. Eye opening and viscerally shocking, the film is a must watch for not only members of the fashion industry, but for anyone who is curious about the impact of this industry on those who sustain it, and on our planet. 

The film has been a catalyst in the conversation We Are Sincerely Yours wants to perpetuate about the value of simplicity and quality. It sheds light on the importance of investing in small batch designers, and of having an awareness of where these products are coming from. It is available to us now more than ever to have a working knowledge of how these items are made, who is making them and under what conditions. It is important that we as consumers have an awareness of what we are supporting. If as they say, that we communicate something about ourselves through what we put on our backs, we should know what we are communicating about who we are, by wearing products made at the cost of human rights and human life. 



Sailing on Lake Wilson

danielle meister

As the 30 day count down to the opening of our brick an mortar space began, with more to do than time to do it, my husband and I decided to take our dear friend up on his offer to go sailing over the weekend. Sometimes the only prescription for stress is an adventure! We packed up the Fiat, and hit the road, headed to Lake Wilson, in North-Central Kansas. I wasn't sure what to expect from a lake in Kansas, and I was prepared for anything but what greeted me. Lake Wilson is home to stunning vistas, clear water and sandstone pillars. We set sail on the 25 ft Oday early on Saturday morning, mid seventies, breezy, sunny, the perfect sailing day. I took a kayak out midday, and floated under a blue sky, feeling more confident with every stroke, that our impromptu weekend was everything we needed to fortify us for the month of hard work ahead. What is it they say about the journey? Maybe it's important to spend part of it sailing.