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The True Cost / a Documentary


The True Cost / a Documentary

danielle meister

In 2015 a film called The True Cost was released. A dear friend of mine recommended that I watch it, as I was in the fashion industry. I remember it was available on Netflix, easily at my fingertips. For some reason, I put off watching it. I found many excuses to watch useless shows and re-watch movies with no substance, resisting as I do, what I knew was to be information I would not enjoy knowing. Eventually though, I watched The True Cost. Eye opening and viscerally shocking, the film is a must watch for not only members of the fashion industry, but for anyone who is curious about the impact of this industry on those who sustain it, and on our planet. 

The film has been a catalyst in the conversation We Are Sincerely Yours wants to perpetuate about the value of simplicity and quality. It sheds light on the importance of investing in small batch designers, and of having an awareness of where these products are coming from. It is available to us now more than ever to have a working knowledge of how these items are made, who is making them and under what conditions. It is important that we as consumers have an awareness of what we are supporting. If as they say, that we communicate something about ourselves through what we put on our backs, we should know what we are communicating about who we are, by wearing products made at the cost of human rights and human life.